Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Weekend..yay!

Its late Saturday night. I was overall, very worthless today. Yesterday was my one fun night of the week, and I took advantage. Went to sushi for lunch, which was a nice treat, and completely stayed within the bounds of healthy eating. I then played a really disappointing session where I got up 2 and a half buy ins within 15 minutes, and then proceeded to make some questionable plays based on my attention level being below optimal, and I was suddenly stuck a two buy ins a half hour later. I refocused, and got back to even then quit after a total of 1600 hands.

I met my two good friends that live here in Fort Collins and we went out, first to a bar to prime, then to the Jason Boland concert. Similar to last weekend I had a great time. We drank a good amount of beer, listened to some very loud, good country music, then left a little intoxicated. Ok, so maybe more than a little. We tried to go into a small bar that was close to the place where we saw a concert, but unfortunately the door man thought he saw the three of us swaying about through the window. Lies. So we went to another bar and didn't even order a drink, but instead called a taxi. I am extremely proud of myself for avoiding the street meat that pre2009 Jonathan would've totally eaten. 2009 Jonathan walked right on by, even though it smelled delicious.

The best part of the night for me, and I swear the cabbie was tipped off by someone, was when we stepped into the cab and the driver said "Lets play trivia...pick from these categories: Sports, Harry Potter....!?!!!!???!!?!?!?" "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!??!?" HARRY POTTER!!!!!!! I CHOOSE HARRY POTTER!!!! I freaked out...which I can firmly blame on miller light. Had I been sober I wouldn't have freaked out, rather been mildly excited. So I spent the whole ride home answering Harry Potter questions as best I could while my friend Bob sat in the back shaking his head. Oh well, I was happy.

This morning didn't turn out to be such a happy time. My neck still really hurts from BJJ on Thursday, and my head hurt too. I watched football for most of the day, and then played a short 1200 hand session tonight that went really well. I ended up around 3 and a half buy ins in 1200 hands. I don't think I'm running amazingly, but I'm not running bad either. I do believe that this nice run has led me to believe I can make my goal only playing the amount of hands I'm playing, which is false. Though I'm on course right now, I won't run at 6ptbb/100 for the next 50 days. Its just not going to happen. I need to play more hands. I could've played 3k hands minimum today, since the tables were really good. I need to pick it up.

I'm looking for hands to post right now but really haven't found anything all that interesting. Ill have to remember to save some hands after each session so I can start posting them.

I plan to play alot tomorrow, then not so much on Monday or Tuesday as the tables will most likely be very bad.

One of the hardest things for me the past year has been how to explain poker to friends that ask, or to family members. Every poker blog I've read say the same thing: Its impossible to explain it in a way people will understand right away, or in a way that doesn't sound demeaning. I know alot of poker pros that actually lie when people ask them what they do, simply to avoid talking poker. This next week I'm gonna try and come up with a good explanation, that doesn't sound haughty totty, about why its difficult to explain poker. But for now, I'm going to go finish the Deathly Hallows, for the second time.

Weigh in, Jan 9th - 187 pounds
Poker Profit as of Jan 10th- $3,373.80

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