Thursday, January 8, 2009

A breakeven win

For those of you that are seeing this blog for the first time on my Facebook notes, you might have missed the first few blogs which are essential to understanding what the heck I am talking about. The whole point of the blog is to follow my 60 day challenge that started on Jan 1st to make 30k at poker and lose 20lbs. I suggest going back and at the minimum reading the first blog called "The Plan", which you can find by either clicking on my notes and scrolling to the bottom, or going to my actual blog HERE

Yesterday was uneventful. Woke up, read, stared at my dog, read, wrestled my dog, read, at lunch, checked the awful tables running, became grumpy, stayed grumpy, then I went to my first intermediate BJJ class at night.

Great experience. I left feeling like I did when I went to my first beginner class back in September. Exhausted, light headed and ready to pass out. But it was a good feeling. The class is much more intense, and at the end we roll for 15 minutes. Rolling means actually doing bjj versus someone else, as opposed to merely drilling certain moves. The class focused on the knee on stomach position, which meant if you were on the bottom, you did a constant crunch for 20 minutes with 190 pounds kneeling on your stomach. And if you were on top you did a constant squat for 20 minutes. Either way, exhausting.

I came home and was relieved to see the tables looked good for the first time this week. I hopped on, loaded my 12 tables and went to work....sigh. Absolutely nothing went right. However, because I was so excited that the tables were good, I didn't care. I didn't get many hands in, again, because I probably only averaged 9 tables at a time...many tables would either break, or I was on wait lists for years. 1500 hands later I stopped when almost all tables broke and I was even, and elated. There is no way I should've been even on that session, so it was a major break even win. I'm still running over 4ptbb/100 on the month, but I am way behind on hands. I can't be too upset about it though, because there was no point playing much this week based upon the amount of nitty regs at each table. I think it will get better, which will mean from mid to late January through February I'm going to have to play a bazillion

Food and exercise is going well, and as I suspected, is the easiest part of this challenge. Even if I don't make 20 pounds, I feel great and I know I am losing some weight, and probably gaining a bit of muscle. First weigh in is tomorrow, and I'll post another video along with graphs and screen shots of my poker results for the week.

Weigh in, Jan 2 - 188.1 pounds
Poker Profit as of Jan 7th- $1,937.59

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