Friday, January 2, 2009

The Plan

And so it begins. This blog will follow my progress as I try to make 30k profit and lose 25 pounds in 60 days. I have been playing poker professionally for two years, but up until Febuary of 08 I didn't really have clue, or a plan to what I was doing. At that time I learned how to play cash games and since that point have enjoyed consistent success. The reader base for the blog will be a mixture of people who are very knowledgable about poker, and others who are clueless. Those who know, some of this might be boring because I might over explain certain things. On the other hand, I might under explain to those who are familiar with poker. Oh well. At least you will get to see if I make alot of money and get thin, or become more fat and poor :)

First the poker part.

I primarily play 200nl full ring cash games (1-2blinds). To make 30k in two months would be a a little less than double of my norm, though it fluctuates month to month. Its a little futile and silly to set monetary goals in poker because in reality it is what I have the least control over. Those things that I can control are how much I play and how well I play. I'll be satisfied when all is said and done if I did all the things necessary day in and day out to reach 30k based upon what I have done in past months. Over my last 250k hands, I've run at 3.68ptBB/100. I 12 table, therefore I get about 700-750 hands an hour. So, ive averaged about $103 an hour of more last 350 hours or so.

Heres the sad part. I probably play 2-3 hours a day...max. The whole point of this challenge is to up my volume by double. You number people out there could figure that I need about 90 thousand hands per month to reach 30k. My daily goals will be to play between 4k-5k hands a day, and average about 22-24k hands a week. About 6 hours a day of poker. Ugh.

Rakeback and bonuses will be included in the final tally, so that should help considerably.

I played my first session today and it went very well. I only played 3k hands because I had some problems with the poker program, but I made about 6 buy ins, and thats a very good day. In the future Ill post hands, graphs, and other poker related stuff. But for now, you just get numbers.


Goal - to turn my chubby old butt into a lean mean fighting machine. Not really, but anything close would be great. During Law School I walked around at 165-170. Last Febuary I hit my all time high weight of 240 :( That sucked. Between March and Sept of this year I dropped from 240 to 190ish by eating very healthy and controlling portion size. Since Sept Ive slacked on the healthy eating and havent lost or gained any weight. Time to get rid of the rest.

I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in Sept at this school and am to the point now where I can actually go to class alot each week. Ill get my 2nd stripe for my white belt sometime this next week, and will then be able to train alot more. If you want to know more about BJJ and the belt system, go here.

My plan is to go to about 7 hours of class each week, in addition to eating extremely healthy. And, sadly, cutting my drinking nights down to one a week. I get drunk munchies worse than anyone I know. I think 20 pounds is attainable. When I dropped 50ish pounds in march-sept, I didnt excercise at all. Now with both excercise and good eating, I should get there. I just have to not waiver at all on the foods I eat.

I will hopefully update close to daily, though I will only be weighing myself once a week...on the Wii fit (it works, and I dont have a normal scale). But for your viewing enjoyment, Ill post videos of those weigh ins.

Here is the first weigh in

Weigh in, Jan 2 - 188.1 pounds

Poker Profit since Jan 2nd - $1,151.54

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