Sunday, January 4, 2009


So my second day of the challenge didn't go as planned. Sigh. It's ok though, I feel really good about being able to stick to my plan.

I woke up Saturday morning intent on playing poker all day, reading, then sleeping. Didn't happen at all. I played 0 hands of poker, I drank, and I ate. Ugh. :) But it was alot of fun. I planned to allow myself one big partying night a week, but I didn't expect my one for this week to come so soon. Two of my good friends from law school called me around noon and said they were coming to town for a concert. Obviously I had to go as I don't get to see them very often and I knew it would be a blast. Bad beat that they randomly had to show up on the second day of my challenge.

We played Wii at my house while drinking all the leftover beer I had in my fridge from a party I had for the UFC fights last week. I'm happy about that part. I don't like to have alot of extra alcohol laying around...its too tempting. We did some wii fit balance games and alot of wii tennis, then headed to Old Town around 8 to eat some dinner then go to the concert.

I had heard the Randy Rogers band before on a mix cd my friend gave me, and enjoy the texas country type music. We ate at a mexican restaurant which was really good. And I stayed healthy eating 0 chips, and had a shrimp ceasar salad. I know, alcohol has calories...but it was my one night :) We then headed towards the concert, stopping at a couple bars on the way to take shots for my friend's friends birthday. Low and behold the first bar we stopped at the guitarist from the band was there drinking. My friend had met them before so he talked to him a little bit. I haven't been to a concert in a while, even though I love live music, and this concert didn't disappoint. It was at the aggie theatre which is a decently small venue. It was full, but not crowded. You could walk right up front. And we did.

When we got there the opening band was playing, and I wish I remember their names because they were really good too. After they finished their set my buddy ran into the lead singer at the bar inside the butterfly...and found out the singer was from Rawlins, Wyoming...which is very close to where I grew up, and a very similar town....ugly and rough.

The Randy Rogers band came on around 10:30. The singer looked like he was on something, but still played great music. Alot of energy, alot of jams etc. We went to a few bars after the concert then came home and had an epic Wii tennis battle till 5am or so. I don't remember. I did have a slice of pizza late night which was a no no, but at least it wasn't the whole pizza, like my previous self would've eaten. Today I'm gonna play alot of poker...hopefully 5k hands worth, but we'll see.

Until then....

Weigh in, Jan 2 - 188.1 pounds
Poker Profit since Jan 2nd - $1,151.54

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