Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Up and Down, UFC, Dumbledore and more

It has been a few days. Sorry. Lazy has creeped up on me again due to a few setbacks. No matter.

Lets start with poker. Last I posted I believe was Saturday. I played a minimal amount of poker Sunday because I was lazy and the tables really weren't what I expected them to be. It seems Sundays really aren't as good as they used to be, as most regulars are playing all day. Thursdays through Saturdays are where its at. I talk alot about game selection and not playing bad tables because I play on a smaller site which doesn't have the massive amount of tables running like Pokerstars and Fulltilt. However, the tables that do run are typically much better, fishier, etc...your own personal atm. The tables have been just as bad or worse, however, at my site since the new year. I believe game selection can on average change your winrate by 2-3ptbb, which for me would swing my hourly rate by $56 an hour. Instead of making $120 an hour, I would make around $60, depending. So, if you had a choice, to play 6 hours a day versus nit regs, fighting the cooler v cooler war, or to play 2 hours versus fish, and make the same amount of money...I think the choice is clear. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to make 30k in this manner. I therefore have a choice to make in the near future. If the tables do not get better by the end of the month, I will take a serious look into playing on other sites. It will be difficult, because depositing a full bankroll on to a random site is not easy these days (thank you US Government), but necessary if things don't turn around. Anyways.... Sunday I played 1k hands and made $167. I quit early to finish rereading the Deathly Hallows. I finished it that night, terribly sad for a second time that my Harry Potter was over again.

And by coincidence, Monday was my worst day in a long time. My neck/back felt horrible in the morning. Worse than the actual day I hurt it. I skipped BJJ, and played a decent amount of poker, and set a couple of personal records. I have never before had a session like this one. I lost about 5 buy ins, which is my stop loss. I have probably had only 3-4 of these in the past 6 months of playing. Not only did I lose 5 buy ins, but not once during the session did I get stacked. Not once. How the heck do you lose 5 buy ins without getting stacked? I really don't know. Maybe my 29% wwsf is an indicator, LOL. That means only out of all the times I saw a flop, I only won 29% of those pots. That is horrible. It felt as if every single time I cbet, they would float. Every time I looked them up they had the nuts, etc etc. The biggest pot I lost was 60bbs. The second biggest was 50bbs. After that, I didn't lose a pot over 30bbs, but yet lost 5 buy ins. Surprisingly, I handled it very well. Didn't even think twice about it, and wouldn't have played many hands differently. It did however derail alot of my hope for this month. Losing 1k left me at only 2300 profit for the month, almost halfway through. UGH. It puts into perspective how much you can do right, yet see negative results, which as a poker player is something you have to absolutely handle without a second thought, or you'll end up breaking alot of mice, keyboards and drywall. Seriously.

Luckily, I turned it around yesterday and won 4 buy ins. Plus $100 bonus for rakeback, and I am only down 100 from that awful session. If the tables continue bad, I would be ecstatic to pull of a 10k month. And then hope next month the tables turn good and I can play alot of 400nl in addition to 200nl.

I have yet to play today, but will put in some hands after I am finished with this blog. As for Harry Potter, I sadly put him back on the bookshelf today, and will wait until this summer to reread any more books. I'll probably reread the half blood prince right before the movie comes out.

On the fitness end of things, healthy eating is right on schedule. Unfortunately exercise is not. With my neck/back muscle the way it is, I probably will not go to BJJ until this Friday, or next Monday. Its some stupid random back muscle that appears to be connected to both arms, neck and head. So every time I move it hurts...bad. I hope its just strained and not pulled. If it comes down to it, I will start going to a gym and doing cardio that requires a minimum amount of arm and head movement. What is this cardio you ask? Freaking running. I hate running for the sake of running more than anything, and will avoid it at all cost. However, my weight goal seems to be the one thing I can actually make at the end of two months, so if I have to I will run. I will run, and I will curse and whine the whole time, but I'll run hard :)

As for fun, I have 3 Saturdays in a row of UFC/MMA fights coming up. It's going to be awesome! If any of you that are reading this wanna come over, I will be ordering all the fights the next three Saturdays and everyone is invited: the 17th UFC 93, the 24th Affliction, and the 31st UFC 94. I had a party for UFC 92, which turned out a good amount of people and was alot of fun. Hopefully alot will show up the next three Saturdays.

As for the fights, I am very excited to see shogun fight. Only recently have I really become a fan of UFC, and Shogun has been out for a while. In addition, I automatically root for any Brazilian as I am half Brazilian. Or half monkey as some friends affectionately put it. Shogun fights this Saturday, then next Saturday Fedor takes the ring. Argued to be the best all around fighter, this chunky russian is amazing. My friend kept saying Fedor is the best, so I finally watched alot of his fights on youtube. Fedor might be the best...seriously. Then the grandaddy of grudge matches will be on the 31st, and I hope to god that George St Pierre kicks the living crap out of BJ Penn. We will see.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Weigh in, Jan 9th - 187 pounds
Poker Profit as of Jan 14th- $3,300

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