Friday, January 9, 2009

First week at an end

A couple observations about this past week.

- I didn't play half as many hands as I predicted I should to reach my end goal.
- I don't think it was prudent to play anymore than I did because of the bad tables.
- The tables will be better in the near future.
- I ate healthy and in good proportions.
- I went exercised much more than I have in the past.
- For the amount of poker I played, the profit I made is above expectation.

I'm decently happy with the past week. All in all I stuck to a decent schedule, though falling way behind in amount of hands played, I still made enough profit to easily keep me in line to reach my goal.

Yesterday I went to BJJ at noon, and stayed after for Randori. At the end of the class we rolled a little and I tweaked my neck. I thought it wasn't that bad and stayed for Randori and did something awful to my neck, though hopefully it will feel better by Monday. We worked on triangles most of the day, which didn't have much of an effect on my neck. I think it was the pressure that is placed on your neck when someone is pulling you down while you are in there guard while I was simultaneously pulling up. Whatever, in terms of exercise I probably haven't worked this hard since high school sports....translation, I worked this hard a million years ago.

The tables were once again bad during the day, so I just hung out until the National Championship game. A few friends came over to watch the game. I hate Tim Tebow. And his team won...blah. I have planned to only drink once a week, but I did end up having a few beers last night. Amazingly it was easy to only have a few and not go overboard. Today will be my one night out, and I will be taking advantage. Jason Boland is playing at the Aggie, and should be a good time.

Late last night I played a short session and was pleased at how good the tables were at night. It was typical of how my site usually is. I made 3 and a half buy ins in about 1100 hands and called it a night. My numbers on pokertracker are slightly screwed up right now because of some errors that occurred last night. Out of my 1100 hands, there were 200 some errors. While the numbers in my general tab were accurate, the graph wouldn't display some 400 hands from last night. So I tried to re import and see if it could pick more up, not being worried about the program duplicating any hands because it never does. Sigh, it did, so now my general tab is showing 500 more dollars of profit that I didn't make, yet my graph is still stuck minus the original 400 hands. I don't know what is wrong with it and I don't think I can fix it.

Here are my numbers....subtract 500 dollars and 400 hands from the totals. So my profit is about $2600. I think you have to click the picture to see the whole thing. As of yet I havent figured out how to make my blog wider to display the whole picture.

Week one numbers
Here is my 2nd weigh in. Not bad, not amazing. Standard I think. I also think I'm going to start weighing in every two weeks as opposed to once a week.

Weigh in, Jan 9th - 187 pounds
Poker Profit as of Jan 8th- $2,608.59

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