Friday, January 16, 2009

Decent session

Hello all! This will probably be short. Today is Friday, which means sushi! Sushi is my one eat out meal a week. I'm excited.

Yesterday was boring, as has been most of this week. Absent BJJ, I really don't have any other social activities that take me out of my house, especially because I'm watching my weight and going out to eat and drink is very limited. Blah. I will try and go to BJJ and Monday and see how my neck feels.

Poker went well yesterday. I played one 1100 hand session and got up 4 buy ins. Then played a late night 1k hand session and lost 50 bucks. So all in all still a pretty big win. The tables will be good all weekend, and I intend to play a decent amount. It does depend on what happens tomorrow though. The UFC fights are at 1pm, so it could end up that I don't play a hand of poker tomorrow. But until then...

Oh PS, there will be no weigh in this week. Once a week weigh ins are a little too much, so I'll do them every two weeks.

Weigh in, Jan 9th - 187 pounds
Poker Profit as of Jan 15th- $4,041

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